Web-based-Medical-Imaging-Software-FeatureOffering a web-based medical imaging software that has been clinically proven to deliver the results that physicians, technicians, and administrators require.

  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Save Time & Money
  • No additional IT infrastructure
  • required
  • Easy & Secure
  • Access Anywhere

Who Can Use This Software?

For Technicians
No more digging through stacks of CDs and videotapes. Our software cloud PACS allows technicians to store, send, and view an ultrasound study on any computer or device with internet access!

For Physicians
With our software web PACS, physicians can read and interpret diagnostic studies and ultrasound images from any computer or device with internet access.

For Administrators
Web PACS from our software lets you know the status of ultrasound studies: which have been read, waiting on doctor approval, and how many were performed. Automatically.

For Cardiologists
Our software cardiology PACS is a mobile echocardiogram reporting software solution for cardiologists. Access images and measurements virtually anywhere with internet access, even on an iPad.

For Radiologists
Mobile ultrasound imaging and endocrinology reporting from our software offers convenience, security and efficiency to radiologists.

For Vascular Specialists
From study images and measurements to quality assurance reports, our software vascular reporting software provides vascular specialists access to their data anywhere with internet access.

For Women’s Health
Our software mobile Ob /Gyn reporting software makes ultrasound images and measurement data accessible on mobile devices with internet access. You can even share images with your patients on an iPad.