sonographer-isolatedWe provide trained, qualified, experienced sonographers to operate your Ultrasound imaging services.

An experienced, certified, sonographer will visit your office based on the schedule you set. With a portable ultrasound machine, your sonographer will need only an examination room to provide a half-day or full-day of ultrasound studies.

Our sonographers are tech-savvy enough to apply this sophisticated technology, and personable enough to put patients at ease when they might otherwise be nervous or uncomfortable. These professionals use their own judgment and understanding of pathology to record images that represent possible abnormalities. What looks like a grainy image to the rest of us provides a wealth of valuable information to a skilled sonographer.

Turning sound waves into images—it sounds like magic but that’s what today’s diagnostic medical sonographers do on a daily basis. Their skills and expertise help the medical team to assess and diagnose medical conditions that would otherwise be challenging to locate and record. The images that sonographers create help radiologists and other physicians pinpoint the locations of soft tissue problems that can’t be seen well using other medical imaging techniques. Because ultrasonography uses nothing more than sound waves that are beyond the upper limit of human hearing, it is safe to use on a wide range of patients, from pregnant women to children and the elderly.

Since small changes in an image may signal a subtle change in a patient’s health status, precision is necessary to create a quality image using complex equipment. Our expert sonographers are able to concentrate when toggling between performing a diagnostic test and interacting with the patient.

Sonographers specialize in an area of the body, such as the abdomen, breast, neurological system, musculoskeletal system, or in a field such as obstetrics. They administer the ultrasound waves to the region under examination via a handheld device known as a transducer.